close up of a projector that is running

Which Is Better?

You probably don’t know a lot of people who own projectors, yet projector supporters swear they are superior to TVs in every way. Get educated and learn the facts about TVs and projectors.

a woman watching tv on a large flat screen that has been mounted to her wall

So Many Screens

So what’s the deal with features like plasma, LED, HDTV, OLED, and LCD? Television terms can be confusing, but we’ll help you sort out what’s what so you can be an informed consumer.

a man and a woman at a store looking at flatscreen tvs on a wall

Should You Buy a TV?

If you’re like many other consumers and don’t know much at all about projectors, you may feel more comfortable sticking with a traditional television set. We can give you some advice about what to choose.

an arm turning on a projector that is sitting on a table

Consider the Projector

Now is your chance to learn all about projectors and what they have to offer. Find out if you should invest your hard-earned money in one of these devices instead of a fancy big-screen TV.