More and more people are switching over to using mobile devices; according to ComScore, mobile users account for more than 50% of internet browsing time. As this switch occurs, companies without mobile sites or apps are quickly being left in the dust. If you want to be ready for this change, it might be time to look at creating a mobile app for your business.

Can Your Business Benefit from a Mobile App?

Custom mobile apps for businesses have a lot of unique benefits that cannot come from simply having a website that is optimized for mobile. For example, you can allow your users to have offline access if they regularly update their app. This can allow them to access information or coupons that they need even when they are not connected to the internet.

You might think that you only need an app if you are an online business, but 73 percent of purchases that were made after mobile searches in a 2013 study were made in physical stores. Another 16 percent were made over the phone, leaving only 11 percent of purchases made online. This means that local businesses can greatly benefit from mobile websites and apps.

What to Include in a Mobile App

When there are such a wide variety of businesses offering mobile apps, consumers are not afraid to move onto the next choice if your app does not have what they are looking for. You should make sure that your mobile app has the most popular functions available to help encourage customer loyalty.

According to Nielsen, 66% of mobile shoppers use their phone to check the price of products, while 49% use mobile coupons. Consumers like to know what to expect, and listing your prices and specials on your app will help to keep them informed.

One extremely popular feature in mobile apps is known as “store mode.” This refers to the ability to access store maps and find precise product locations from your app. According to a study from Point Inside, including these features on your mobile app can cause users to use your app as much as five times more than they use apps without store mode. This usage can encourage your customers to keep coming back to your store and make more purchases.

The mobile market is no longer a niche sect; it is quickly becoming the majority. Custom mobile apps for business allow you to tap into a new customer base that can greatly increase your sales. Visit sites like to see what sort of app you can develop for your business.

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