Most everyone likes television. Whether you watch it for sports, talk shows, cooking channels, or reality TV shows, there’s a little something for everyone on television and that’s why owning a television set has always been popular. But with advances in modern technology, people are finding different ways to watch their TV or movie choices at home, more particularly with projectors.

So how do you choose between the modern advances in television sets and the modern advances of projector screens? Here are just a few reason why TVs should continue to reign supreme and maybe why they shouldn’t.

Pros of Televisions Sets

This is an arguable point, depending on who is doing the set-up, but TVs really don’t require very much assembly. You buy them at the store, you take them out of the box, and you place it on the table or chest that you want it on. I will say that mounting a TV can be tricky, but if you are willing to be patient and do it the right way, like not by yourself, it really isn’t that hard.

TVs aren’t as susceptible to ambient light, or the general illumination that can fill a room with no visible source, that can affect the contrast of directional lighting on projectors, washing out the picture. TVs can also be cheaper overall. You spend the money once and as long as you’re not having wild parties that can put your TV in jeopardy, it generally just sits still, turns on and off, and can work fine until you buy a new one.

Cons of Television Sets

Of course, like all man-made technology, TVs do have their down falls. TVs have smaller screen space than projectors. Projector screens can be the entire length and width of your wall if you really wanted them to be, because they’re lighter and the material is easier to maneuver. But TVs have yet to be larger than 152 inches, at least the kind that you can fit in a normal home. I mean let’s face it, who wants to pay for or try to move anything bigger?

Because projector screens can hang on your wall, they don’t take up as much floor space or space on top of your furniture. Projector screens are even easier to take down and put away if you need to. And finally, and again this is debatable, TV screens might not have as good of picture quality as projector screens. But I’ll leave that opinion up to you.